Deanne Cheuk — Art Director & Artist

The Artist

Deanne Cheuk is a New York-based art director and artist. She has been commissioned by such companies as Nike, Relabld, Lane Crawford, Cole Haan, Converse, Swatch, The Lincoln Motor Company, American Express, Levi’s, Target, MTV, Olay, Sprint, Sephora, Nickelodeon, Dell, The Gap, Microsoft, Urban Outfitters, The Guardian, T magazine, and The New York Times Magazine for her illustrative and stylistic approach. Deanne’s artwork is inspired by nature, utopia, space, and being, often distorting realistic representation into fantasy. Her first book is called ‘Mushroom Girls Virus’.

Deanne has exhibited work worldwide in a number of solo and group shows, including at 222 Gallery, Rocket Gallery in Japan, the Redefining The Line exhibition in California, Deitch Projects and Lorimoto in New York, the New Grand Tour Show in Beijing, If You Can Collaborate in London, BCC group show in New York, and at the Monster Children Gallery in Australia.