Hvass&Hannibal — Art Directors & Designers

The Artist

Hvass&Hannibal is a multi-disciplinary art and design studio based in Copenhagen. Since 2006, Nan Na Hvass & Sofie Hannibal have worked in close collaborative partnership with illustrative and conceptual design in a number of different fields for clients in Europe, Asia, and the U.S. Whether digital or three-dimensional, the studio projects range from esoteric illustrative beginnings to full art direction and graphic design solutions. Although often working with high profile clients, Nan Na and Sofie try to continuously maintain a positive balance between non-commercial and commercial projects, juggling between the two fields to keep their minds and hands creatively challenged.

Hvass&Hannibal’s work has been exhibited in Europe numerous times, including Designmuseum Denmark,  If You Could and Kemistry Gallery in London, Allmänna Galleriet in Stockholm, Gallery Mohs Exhibit in Copenhagen, Rojo Out Exhibition in Barcelona, and NOTCH Festival in China.