Micah Lidberg for

The Story

Hermès approached Hugo & Marie with what artist Micah Lidberg describes as an “incredible brief with an amazing sense of trust.” Art Director Benjamin Grillon asked Micah to fill the pages of Le Monde d’Hermès magazine with a celebration of nature, an apt request for an illustrator who grew up in Independence, Missouri, a small town just outside of Kansas City where the forests of the east coast transition into the open plains of the midwest. “It’s a very special landscape to me,” says Micah, who began the project with rough sketches while seated on a nude beach.


Commissioned by Caroline Geraud at Hermès
Art Direction by Benjamin Grillon
Concept & Illustration by Micah Lidberg
Art Production by Hugo & Marie

Micah says his favorite projects are those in which a personal inspiration that has been brewing in his mind completely compliments a client’s brief. All his work, and certainly this one, draws from a childhood where as a kid he got to play outside a lot. “Running through the woods, turning over logs, growing gardens, seeing seasons change, they all had a major impact on me. I fell in love with Nature.”

Once a direction was selected by the creative director from the rough sketches, the next step was the final drawing, which was all done with pencil and paper and then digitally colored. As an artist who believes in looking at the whole and creating harmony within that framework wherever possible, this was a project that reaffirmed Micah’s overall belief: “Take risks, follow your intuition, gut, or heart. Create things you love.”