Alabama Shakes —
Sound & Color

The Idea

Mario Hugo provides full album packaging, singles sleeves, and motion graphic music video direction for Alabama Shake’s Grammy-winning album, Sound & Color. Mario pairs the album’s enigmatic, spacey soundscape with primitive visuals that hint at the honest and raw musical sinew of the EP. Mario was supported by Hugo & Marie designers Dan Hennessy and Lucie Gris, with animation by our friends at Tigrelab. Special thanks to ATO Records, Christine Stauder, John Salter, and the amazing band.


Art Direction
Motion Design
Packaging Design

The packaging’s simple, extrapolated geometries were animated for the release of “Don’t Wanna Fight” – the album’s visuals take new form, magnetized and alluding to gravity.

Every new communication from the band added an element, with color finally appearing on the release of the video for “Future People”.