The Idea

Equinox commissioned Hugo & Marie to direct a series of videos launched in 2016. Video executions spanned brand manifestos, program introductions, and consumer education, each speaking to a particular need and audience, but crafted with a unified visual language. In this cutdown of the brand film “Life”, human performance meets inspired design, and sharp, twisting cuts.


Direction, Design, Motion, and Production:
Hugo & Marie Team

Brand Direction: Elizabeth Nolan
Cinematography: Zach Lowry, Jacob Sutton
Motion Support: Matt Knudsen, Mark Jensen
Production Support: Lee Scharfstein
Music: Golden Hum

Presented to the Equinox team of elite trainers and nutritionists, “Life” showcases the amazing capacity of the human body with sculptural figures, celestial acrobatics, and intimate symmetries.

Movement, Nutrition, & Regeneration are the hallmarks of the Equinox fitness program. The MNR film communicates the results of combining three simple elements into a holistic fitness & health routine.

Tier X is Equinox’s advanced personal training program. Leveraging footage shot by Jacob Sutton and visuals created at Hugo & Marie, the film combines bold typography, grit, and dissonant soundscapes by our partners at Golden Hum.

With the relaunch of Equinox’s training app, Hugo & Marie was tasked with creating a luxury tutorial video. Combining an approachable tone of voice with bold typography, tactile imagery, and seamless transitions, the film communicates the essential information needed to activate and track fitness goals.