The Idea

Mario Hugo directs a pastiche journey into the imagination of pro-golfer Justin Rose as he crafts a perfect cocktail with an unlikely shot.

Connecting spirit and sport, the film weaves bar and course in something of a live-action cartoon. Justin’s precise chip sets off a precarious chain reaction — bitters, sugar, citrus, whisky and ice meticulously fall into place, resulting in the perfect Glenmorangie Old Fashioned.


Brand Direction: Hector Muelas
Writing & Direction: Mario Hugo
Art Direction: Laurence Jaccottet
Storyboarding: Sam Mason
Lead Editor & Colorist: Johnny Lee
Director of Photography: Laura Merians
Production Design: Andrew Ondrejcak
Music: Gil Talmi (Courtesy of Bulletproof Bear)
Talent: Justin Rose
Creative & Production Agency: Hugo & Marie

Rich tasting notes and natural ingredients form the base of Glenmorangie’s Original Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky. Classic representations of golf and mixology are combined with an elegant kitsch, and serve as allegories of the precision of the both the spirit and the talent.

The film was captured over the course of a two day shoot in Miami. Director of Photography Laura Merians utilized the high-speed power of a 4k Phantom Flex, steadied by the precision of a Bolt Crane, to capture the intricacies of Justin’s fantastical mixology process in-camera.

Dedicated to the pursuit of perfection, Justin Rose steps onto the green to deliver an expert shot, catapulting his artful cocktail-crafting mechanism into full swing.

Production designer Andrew Ondrejcak and his assistant, Javier Irigoyen, labor over the mechanism of the film’s Rube Goldberg inspired set design.