Little Things

The Idea

Little Things is a three-minute animated short inspired by a happy toddler, an unhappy car ride, and a pink muppet. Set to a dusty and beautiful recording of Joe Raposo’s Sesame Street classic, “Little Things,” the film is a gift to a child, exploring Mario Hugo and Sam Mason’s feelings regarding life, death, faith, art, and the things that we might make. Read all about it at Mister & Missus, a new little home for our personal projects, or read some lovely write-ups by the folks over at Vice and The Verge.


Directed by Mario Hugo & Sam Mason
Story by Mario Hugo
Animated by Sam Mason
Produced by Jennifer Gonzalez
Production support by Masha Spaic
Special thanks to Karen Falzone
Very Special thanks to Joe & Nico Raposo

We just wanted to quickly thank everyone who helped make this short — Karen Falzone for helping make the music happen, Nico Raposo for his interest in offering us his father’s amazing demo recording, Jennifer Marie for producing this personal project, and August Marie for being the inspiration for the piece (in addition to being such a cool little lady).