Rita Ora

The Idea

Hugo & Marie was approached by Pepsico Creators League to direct a video for Rita Ora’s hit song, “I Will Never Let You Down.” Rita’s Moschino-pop style and radio anthem itself were inspiration enough for artists Mario Hugo and MVM to develop a hyper-colorful, gonzo-kitsch language using both 2d and 3d illustration styles. The piece was animated by Jurriaan Hos, and was released in time with the World Cup, where the song was one of the year’s themes. Many thanks to Ellen Healy & Emma Quigley at PepsiCo.


Directed by: Mario Hugo
Art by: MVM and Hugo & Marie
Animation by: Jurriaan Hos
Produced by: Hugo & Marie
Client: PepsiCo

The visual language — from cupcakes and lipstick, to knuckle dusters and high-heels — were created for the video, and then leveraged across social media platforms like WeChat as interactive sticker packs.