The Idea

In the first of a new series of visualization projects, Mario Hugo and Johnny Lee marry sound and light in this video for Swedish multi-instrumentalist Thunder Tillman. Mario writes “I’ve always been interested in how to create the most evocative imagery with the simplest of principles or elements — how far can we push shape, light, and shadow?”


Direction & Design: Mario Hugo
Animation & Design: Johnny Lee
Music: Thunder Tillman
Production: Hugo & Marie Studio
Special Thanks to ESP Institute

“I’m a child of the 80s and I’m super near-sighted. I remember sitting a couple feet away from an old CRT during the synthesizer sequence in Close Encounters, or sitting through epic network afternoon showings of 2001, not even really knowing what I was watching. Those old screens are chemical — light and colors bleed and bloom unexpectedly, and I truly grew up in front of them.”

Big thanks to Thunder Tillman for the incredible track, and to Andrew Hogge over at ESP Institute for letting the label be such an expressive little home.