Nike Olympics

The Idea

Hugo & Marie teamed up with Nike Global in September of last year to develop a visual language for the brand’s 2016 Summer Olympics campaign. The result: Logos and typography radiate over kinetic edits of phantom footage to illustrate the unlimited bounds of human potential. Assets were created for experiential in-store, online execution, motion graphics, and massive global outdoor campaign displays.


Brand Creative Direction: Ibrahem Hasan
Brand Production: Mia Chong-Hanssen
Creative Direction: Mario Hugo
Motion: Johnny Lee & Tomas Markevicius
Editing: Colin Loughlin & Ricardo Lopez
Production: Masha Spaic & Bettina Micheli
Photography & Film Production: Picture Farm
Post Production: Method / Company 3
Music: The Weeknd & Golden Hum

We worked closely with Nike Brand Creative to develop iconic visuals that both monumentalize the world’s greatest athletes and reinforce the innovation and performance of Nike product. Pictured above: Nike Town, New York City, with music by The Weeknd.

Our light and shadow logo treatments now extend beyond the Olympics to a number of Nike’s Unlimited Unleashed campaign programs. Our edits for Nike Running, Nike Women, and Nike Basketball are pictured below, and include music and sound design by our friends at Golden Hum.

A quick thanks to the many folks that worked on this project, including Taylor Franklin, John Soat, Conor McBride, David McLeod, Tom Hancocks, Shane Griffin, Matt Knudsen, Kit Lam, Lu Liu, Daniel Marin, Allen Meckon Roy, Emily Buckner, and Elise Podell.