Hugo & Marie was commissioned by Clinique to create a suite of films that speak to the brand’s heritage, safety philosophy and testing standards. Known for its promise of “allergy tested, 100% fragrance free”, Clinique’s groundbreaking founding in 1967 paved the way for the beauty industry we know it today, and Clinique continues to define the future.

We began with a film about the brand’s rigorous safety philosophy. Clinique takes safety seriously, subjecting each new formulation to thousands of tests to prevent any adverse reactions. In service of all skin, Clinique products are informed by the careful art of synchronized science.

A second film illustrates the brand’s defining formulation philosophy. Clinique was a pioneer in skincare and makeup as one of the first active derm brands in the world, an informing scientific background that inspired its trusted off and on philosophy. Crafted with a balance between active and soothing ingredients, Clinique has over 50 years of experience to ensure that products are always in harmony with skin.

Our heritage film tells the story of brand’s founding, from 1967 to today, through archival footage, captured footage of iconic Clinique ephemera and a voiceover narration of the brand’s history. The result of a groundbreaking collaboration between a dermatologist, a Vogue editor and Leonard Lauder, Clinique’s founding philosophies remain intact as the company continues to define the future of skincare.