Hugo & Marie was brought on to create a compelling video introducing the new EQX+ application. The video would be rolled out on screens in-club and across social media and web. While the intention was to demonstrate elements of the app UX, content, and booking features, this was decidedly not an instructional video and called for campaign-like content and editing. The video sought to reinvent what a tutorial video could be—a sleek representation of what the brand stands for.

Equinox Life was a film made by Hugo & Marie as an anthem for the brand, shown internally. Using Equinox’s entire archival history, we bridged the past with the present through new footage. The film was accompanied by a VoiceOver from Oscar winning actor Rami Malek. This bespoke edit led to a working relationship with Equinox spanning years.

We also made an Equinox Spa video, utilizing compositing techniques and a potent, energetic editing approach to create a distinctive film from existing footage.