Equinox Hotels

Hugo & Marie’s launch campaign for Equinox Hotels centers around a series of brand films that shift conceptions of traditional hospitality. The films highlight wellness benefits exclusive to the hotels — all before the hotel itself existed. The result is three high-performance films that blend abstraction with the iconographies of bed, bath, and table to introduce the world to a hotel experience unlike any other. Using the elegant brand ID created by our friends at Collins, the campaign was the first piece in a multi-media communication strategy rooted in the property’s dark, quiet, and cool sensibility. Directed by Mario Hugo. DOP: Zach Lowry. AD: Brian Cresto. Brand Director: Liz Nolan. Special thanks to our friends at Golden Hum for the score.

Hugo & Marie directed preliminary renders and photographed the full property on five overnight shoots to capture the architecture and material richness of the new hotel. Photographer Collin Hughes roamed the halls capturing each room and public space, including the Electric Lemon restaurant and Equinox’s 100th club.

Hugo & Marie directed Equinox Hotel’s first lifestyle campaign. Photographer Elizaveta Porodina’s unique lens captured the experience of the hotel on a three day shoot in early 2020, with vignette films by Marco Fumolo.